For those users who have never purchased connectors, how to distinguish between M12 connectors and GX12 connectors may find it a bit difficult. In fact, as long as you master the method, it is not difficult to distinguish these two connectors. So how should we distinguish it? What are the different characteristics between them that we need to pay attention to? The following Elecbee electronic engineer will share an article for you on this knowledge module.

The M12 connector is a circular connector with a 12 mm locking thread, which is mainly used in factory automation applications for actuators, sensors, industrial Ethernet and fieldbus. The M12 connector is designed for flushing and corrosive environments. They provide 3, 4, 5, 8 and 12 pins. The user must select the correct number of pins for the specific application. Sensor and power applications require 3 and 4 pins. M12 connectors have many applications. These include agriculture, alternative energy, communications, factory automation, measurement and control, robotics and many other aspects. Reduce downtime in harsh environments through reliable industry standard solutions (including fast turns, prototype cable assemblies). The service life of the device can be extended by using the M12 connector, which is reliable in various applications and harsh environments.

GX12 connector is a kind of aviation plug. It adopts the butt connection method of threaded connection, and the insulator is bakelite. The shell material is generally zinc alloy, which is durable. The connection method is welding. The silver-plated copper pins have a long life. There should be no harmful mechanical and performance damage to the plug socket after 500 plugs and unplugs. The conductive properties of the silver-plated layer are more excellent. This kind of aviation plugs are widely used in various electrical circuits, and it is very important to improve the reliability of aviation plugs. There are also many advantages, such as high-precision equipment connection, improved transmission efficiency, and maximum safety factor.

After reading the above article, you should be able to distinguish between these two types of connectors. Regarding the M12 connector, if you want to know more about it, you can browse through our blog posts, there are many similar articles.

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