The distributor can be connected with a plurality of sensors and transmit corresponding signals and power supply voltages through a multi-core cable. The installation and wiring costs can be greatly reduced. Next, we will explain the distributor products in detail.

M8 distributor products are mainly divided into sockets and plugs, which are welded and then injection molded. The protection level is generally IP68. The wire materials are PVC, rubber, silica gel, etc. It can also be customized according to customer requirements. There are many forms of cable internal cross-section. The appearance colors of products are black, white, transparent, etc. The line length of the distributor can be determined at will according to the customer’s requirements. Most importantly, non-standard products can be designed and manufactured according to customer’s requirements. Please indicate the number of cores, the square cross-sectional area of the inner line, color, line length, stripping of tail end and tin-stained length of the inner core and other requirements when ordering.


M8 distributor features:
1. Waterproof, moisture-proof, rain-proof, sun-proof and corrosion-proof.
2. Flame retardant, antioxidant and environmental protection (all products come from green production lines).
3. Improve the production process: connectors simplify the assembly process of electronic products and also simplify the mass production process.
4. Easy maintenance: In case of failure, there is no need to pinch off cables, electro-plastic sleeves, etc., only two ends of waterproof connectors need to be unscrewed, which is very convenient for the maintenance of waterproof products such as LED, solar energy and geothermal energy.
5. Improve the flexibility of design: Using connectors enables engineers to have greater flexibility when designing and integrating new products, and when using components to form systems.


How to confirm the use of the dispenser:

  • Distributors are mainly divided into M8 and M12 distributors. The main difference lies in the different thread sizes of butt joints on distributors. Generally, the distributor size is selected according to the field use space. M8 distributor is smaller than M12 distributor in volume.
  • Each corresponding signal point on the distributor is displayed relative to the LED lamp, which is convenient for equipment inspection and later maintenance of problem points; Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to select PNP or NPN models according to the equipment control system, and the sensor itself is also divided into PNP or NPN, so the corresponding selection is equally required.
  • Therefore, choosing the corresponding matching port number distributor according to the concentration degree of field signal points can not only make the installation more beautiful but also make the cost performance more affordable.
  • Pre-cast outlet distributor. According to the requirement of cable length measured on-site, the distributor can directly outlet the cable, make the required cable length, and directly route it to the site.
  • Split distributor, there are two main reasons for choosing a split distributor; One is that the field length is unclear, and the cable length can only be known when you go to the field, so you choose split field wiring; The other is that the cable wiring space is too narrow to pass through the distributor body, so split type is selected.
  • The distributor body is a female head, so it is necessary to select a male head when selecting the matching connector of the distributor; For example, if the M8 distributor is matched with a round connector, it is necessary to select the 3-core male head of the M8 round connector for matching use; At the same time, extra port number (reserved port number) in order to prevent dust or moisture from entering, the matching protective plug can be selected.

M8/M12 distributor is designed to achieve a consistent insertion solution from the control cabinet to the site. They can be easily separated during assembly and transportation. They can be easily separated, assembled and transported. The distributor is characterized by its metal shell which can bear mechanical force and thermal stress so that it can adapt to the application in a harsh environment.


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