There are three series of Y50 series circular electrical connectors: Imperial series, metric series, and power series.

Y50 British series products are in line with GJB598A (MIL-C-26482), and the metric series products are in line with GJB101A. Applicable to strategic and tactical systems, electronic countermeasures systems, field operation power, communication signal connection systems, aerospace navigation, and test and tracking systems, computer systems, postal and railway command systems, imported medical equipment and other electrical and telecommunication signal connections.

This product adopts the bayonet type connection system, which has the characteristics of quick connection and quick separation, small size, and lightweight. The plug has a variety of cable installation forms. The cable outlet has various sealing rubber retaining sleeves of different specifications, which can be closely matched with the cable, which enhances the waterproof, waterproof and dustproof sealing of the cable and the connector plug. And tensile properties. The contacts are welded, the housing is shielded and unshielded, and a variety of coatings are available. The sockets are available in general seals and glass sintered seals for different working environments.

Male Butt-jiont Female

Y50 series electrical connectors have the following features:

  1. Bayonet type quick connection, convenient system operation, reliable connection, shock and shock resistance.
  2. The plug and socket are terminated by soldering, which can be used for both pin and hole.
  3. The shell material is a high-strength high-quality aluminum alloy, the contact parts are welded, the jack is the wire spring hole, which has the characteristics of soft insertion and removal, small contact resistance, moisture resistance, salt spray prevention, mold resistance, and rain protection.
  4. The five-key position has a blind insertion function.
  5. Suitable for connection of high current power series.
  6. The plug has a variety of cable installation methods. The socket is equipped with flange type, cable type, wall-through type, nut, and tight type.
  7. The product has the characteristics of quick connection and separation, good environmental resistance and high reliability.
Circular electrical connector

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