RF connectors are widely acknowledged to be components, which usually attached to a cable or mounted on an instrument. Similarly, it is regarded as electrical connecting or separating elements of the transmission line. In a few words, it mainly serves as a bridge.

RF Connector

The history of rf coaxial connector is short, in contrast with other electronic components. In 1930, the earliest RF connector, UHF connector appeared. Then for the urgent needs of the World War II, many types of coaxial connector were produced, including BNC, TNC, N and other medium-sized series, based on the development of radio and microwave communications. In 1958, miniaturized products such as SMA, SMB, and SMC emerged.Since 1964, RF connectors have begun to standardize, systematize and develop internationally.

RF connectors can also called radio frequency connector, which are designed to work at radio frequencies in the multi-megahertz range. In order to maintain the shielding for application, rf coaxial connectors are often used with coaxial cables. Different models of RF coaxial connectors vary in transmission line impedance at the connection.

Due to the diversified structure of RF coaxial connectors, there are also many professional features.

  1. Variety specifications: RF coaxial connectors has many specifications, more than 20 international series.
  2. The replacement of connector is slow.
  3. Some product performace is very complex, such as product reliability, failure modes, failure mechanisms.
  4. RF coaxial connector is the most essential ingredient of the electrical connector. And it also belongs to labor-intensive products, which contains certain technical content.
  5. It is an important part of machine processing and assembly manual work, and hard to automate the assembly.

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