Aviation connector is engineering component that connects the electrical equipment. The selection and application of aviation connector is a key aspect of ensuring the reliability of electrical equipment.

Aviation connector connection:

Aviation connector is usually composed of a power plug and a power socket. At least the power plug is also called a random aviation plug, and the power socket is also called a fixed aviation plug. The power circuit is connected and disconnected according to the power plug, the power socket, thus causing various connections of the power plug and the power socket.

The connection method for aviation connector is divided into:

  1. Externally threaded connection is most commonly used. It has the advantages of simple production process, low cost of production and wide application, but the connection rate is slow and not suitable for places that need to be inserted frequently and quickly.
  2. Interface type connection, because its several interface slots have a long lead, so the speed of the connection is rapid, but its production is more complicated, and the cost is higher;
  3. The marble lock connection is the connection speed of several connections is faster, it does not need to carry out rotary fitness exercise, only need to carry out uniform linear motion to establish the connection, separation and clamping. Because it belongs to the direct shuttle door connection, it is only suitable for aviation plugs that do not have a large separation force. Usually used in small and medium aviation connector.
Waterproof Circular Connector

Maintenance of aviation connector:

  1. During the whole process of application and maintenance, the impact of the explosion-proof surface or rust should be avoided.
  2. In the whole process of overhaul, the aviation plug is forbidden to take the actual operation of the electrification. After the power is turned off, it must be ensured that all the positions can be unplugged and disassembled without residual working voltage. The residual positive charge is used according to the coal safety technical specifications. In addition to the spectral charging and discharging, the attenuation coefficient of the mobile power station can also be used for charging and discharging, and the actual operation sequence is given as follows:
  3. Usually in the operation process, the high-voltage load switch maintains the re-closing, pulls down the high-voltage switch , then the actual operation of the aviation plug, if there is no feedback from the bottom pressure will be the first Pull down the feed power switch and high voltage load switch;
  4. If the high-voltage load switch is broken when the high-voltage switch is pulled, after the high-voltage switch is pulled or marked, the high-voltage load switch should be closed for at least 1 minute to allow the residual working voltage to be discharged to ensure safety. And carry out the necessary practical operations;
  5. When re-installing, it must be closed after the whole process is completed;
  6. After unscrewing the flange of the middle core cover of the aviation connector, if it is necessary to maintain the cover for a period of time, the seal is still sealed to prevent moisture intrusion.
Aviation connector

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