In modern life, aviation plugs can be said to be one of the indispensable electronic components. They are very popular. There are many types of aviation plugs, each with different characteristics and a wide range of applications.

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Aviation plug specification:

According to the frequency, there are high-frequency aviation plugs and low-frequency aviation plugs. According to the shape, they can be divided into circular connectors. According to the purpose, they can be divided into air plugs for cabinets, aviation plugs for audio equipment, power aviation plugs, special-purpose aviation plugs, etc. .

Aviation plugs are generally interchangeable. In actual use, it can be selected according to the charging condition at both ends of the plug and the socket. If the socket needs to be charged frequently, you can choose the socket with the jack, so that the human body is not easy to touch and relatively safe.

The shape of the aviation plug is ever-changing. The user mainly chooses from the straight shape, the curved shape, the outer diameter of the wire or cable and the fixing requirements of the outer casing, the volume and weight, whether the metal hose needs to be connected, etc., and the aviation used on the panel. The plug should also be selected from the aspects of beauty, shape and color.

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Aviation plug features:

Aviation plug products Contact resistance High quality electrical connectors should have low and stable contact resistance. The contact resistance of the connector ranges from a few milliohms to tens of milli ohm.

The electrical strength, or withstand voltage, and dielectric withstand voltage, characterizes the ability to withstand the rated test voltage between the connector contacts or between the contacts and the housing. In the aviation plug products, the metal structural parts and the surface treatment layer of the contact parts may cause galvanic corrosion and affect the physical and electrical properties of the connector.

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Aviation plug products also need to be paid attention to some details in the use: if an electronic component fails, the replacement component should be replaced quickly when the connector is installed, and the connector is used to enable engineers to design and integrate new products, and to use components. More flexibility when it comes to the system. With the advancement of technology, the aviation plug product simplifies the assembly process of electronic products and simplifies the process of mass production.

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