We know that the terminal block aviation plug connector is a device specially used for wiring in the electrical process. Why use the electroplating process for the terminal block of the aviation plug connector? Because the aviation plug terminal block is plated with the following 5 points of optimization effect:

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Terminal block plating for aviation plug connectors

  1. anti-corrosion (such as nickel plating, chromium, zinc, etc.)
    Usually the original material such as copper, iron, etc. is easily oxidized in the air, and plating a layer of metal with strong anti-oxidation ability can improve the corrosion resistance of the terminal.
  2. enhance the conductivity (such as gold plating, silver, etc.)
    The original material such as iron, phosphorus copper conductivity is usually below 20%, for low-impedance requirements of the aviation plug connector can not meet the requirements, so the surface of the high-conductivity metal such as gold plating can reduce its impedance.
  3. enhance plating adhesion (such as copper plating)
    For metals with poor adhesion, a copper substrate is usually used to enhance adhesion before plating.
  4. improve solderability (such as gold plating, tin, etc.)
    Because the original material has poor adhesion to tin, the surface is plated with a certain thickness of tin and the like to improve the solderability of the part.
  5. beautiful (such as gold plating, silver, nickel, etc.)
    After plating, the terminal metal usually has a more glossy appearance than the material.
GX12 Male Butt-Joint Female

Proper selection and use of aviation plugs is an important aspect of ensuring circuit reliability. For example, GX connectors can be used for electrical connections between instruments and electronic devices or for interconnections between wires and cables. The previously published article also has a detailed explanation. Safety and reliability are the most important connector features, welcome to consult us!


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