There are many models of RJ45 connectors, and the RJ45 connector with transformer is very common. So why do you know why the RJ45 connector has a transformer? What performance does the variable network regulator provide? The following is a detailed explanation of the core performance of the RJ45 connector with transformer by the Elecbee engineer.

Transformers, also known as filters and isolation transformers, are integrated isolation transformers that are widely used in RJ45 connectors. These products are found in RJ45 Ethernet, network routers, Ethernet switches, VDSL digital devices, network set-top boxes, ADSL, EPON / GPON. It is extremely common in industrial equipment such as triple play equipment, EOC terminals, smart TVs, and PC boards.

Network Modular Connector

For example, in an Ethernet device, when an RJ45 connector is used to connect through the PHY, a network transformer is added in the middle, and some transformers are connected to the power supply in the center of the transformer, and some transformers are connected to the ground. When connected to a power source, the power supply values are generally divided into: 3.3V, 2.5V, and 1.8V.

There are five common types of network transformers for RJ45 connectors, which are single port, dual port, multi-port, 10 / 100BASE and 1000BASE-TX. Generally, RJ45 connectors without a network transformer have a very limited transmission distance under normal operation, and have some influence when connected to different levels of network ports. There is also a large external interference from the chip.

The RJ45 connector with a network transformer is mainly used for signal level coupling. Firstly, the signal can be enhanced to make the transmission distance farther. Secondly, the chip end can be isolated from the outside world, so that the anti-interference performance is greatly improved, and the chip also has a strong protection effect (such as imitation lightning strike). When connected to different levels of network ports (if the PHY chip is 2.5V and some PHY chips are 3.3V), it does not affect the performance of each other’s devices.

RJ45 Female Connectors 8P8C Shield

In addition, the RJ45 connector with transformer also has a lot of performance, for example, Ethernet signal transmission can guarantee no distortion, inhibit radiation emission, and meet the electrical isolation requirements of IEEE802.3 standard, in application wiring, grounding, lampshade and space separation Consulting and other technologies for processing and other performance.

RJ45 connector with network transformer not only enhances the transmission signal and improves the transmission distance, but also increases the practicability and adaptability of the connector, makes the network interface more convenient, comfortable, reduces the burden on the user, and achieves twice the result with half the effort. It can be said that it is very Important electronic components.

Can the RJ45 connector with the core performance knowledge of the transformer described above help you? The previous article also detailed the knowledge of the rj45 connector network port, if you are interested, you can click to read.

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