The SMB connector is a kind of RF coaxial connector (RF coaxial connector development trend)which developed in the 1960s. And the SMB connector is smaller than the SMA connector.

With snap-on connection, SMB connectors are 50Ω or 75Ω impedances. And SMB connectors have Excellent electrical performance, electrical performance from DC to 4 GHz. SMB connectors are divided into male and female.

What is the difference between an SMB plug and an SMB socket?

As an industry rule of thumb, we always say plug = male, socket = female. Unfortunately, the SMB connector does not follow this rule.

The SMB plug actually has a female pin in the male head and a SMB socket has a male pin.

SMB connectors are snap-on type connections that are relatively small, push them together to mate, and then pull them apart to unlock.

The SMA connector is threaded. You have to screw them together and then screw them down to disconnect, but SMA connectors are also more common, and SMA connectors are easier to get and more mechanically reliable, so most people prefer SMA connections. Device.

The SMB Connector is snap-on and the SMA is a screw connector. This makes the SMB Connector slightly smaller than the SMA, but the main difference is the connection/disconnection: the screw connector makes the mechanical connection stronger, and if the cable has some strain, it will not break. If you need to connect or disconnect more frequently, on the other hand, the snap-on type like SMB is more convenient, and you can ensure that there is no tension on the cable, but they should be equivalent in electrical performance.

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