Aviation plugs are electromechanical components that connect electrical circuits. Proper selection and use of aviation plugs is an important aspect of circuit reliability.

The effectiveness of the aviation connector socket:

The key functions are also reflected in the connection of various electronic components. The working frequency of the aviation plug is specified below 12 volts. The aviation plug can maintain continuous working AC power because of its layout advantages, and the AC power through the process is not large.

M12 Panel Receptacles 

Aviation Connector Socket Application Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do not disassemble the aviation connector socket under the condition of induction power, otherwise it will cause risk to the flame, etc., or cause poor characteristics;
  2. Condensed water or wetted by water may cause poor grounding between the integrated op amps. If condensed water will be generated or wetted by water, use a moderate anti-drip countermeasure;
  3. When applying, do not apply the AC power of the rated current for several integrated operational amplifiers;
  4. When applying the air socket row, if the cable line installed on the connector, the resonance of the color printed wiring board, or the rotation structure of the facility and the posture of the movable part, the connector insertion portion (joining portion) is applied from the beginning to the end. Will cause the drag of the touch to be damaged and cause looseness.

Aviation connector socket

The characteristics of the aviation connector socket:

  1. Vibration and shock resistance are key features of aerospace connector sockets. They are essential in unique application environments such as civil aviation and aerospace, rail and road freight. This is to test the robustness and electrical construction of aviation plugs and connectors. Touch key indicators of credibility;
  2. Moisture-resistant aviation plugs, connectors: the invasion of moisture will damage the dielectric strength of the software connection, and rust alloy parts;
  3. Temperature resistance.

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