Wire harness aviation plug connector connector products are commonly used in cars, household appliances, instrumentation equipment, office supplies, commercial equipment, electronic parts lead. Electronic controllers, used in electronic products, electrical products, automotive industry. With the improvement of the role of the car, the extensive use of electronic control systems, a lot of electrical equipment, cable, connectors will also be a lot!

M8 Panel Receptacles Wrie

Aviation plug connector connection method

The harness connector is also a type of terminal, and the connector alias is also called a connector, and is composed of a plug and a socket. The connector is a relay station for the wiring harness in the automotive circuit. The connection between the harness and the harness, the harness and the electrical components is generally a connector, and the automotive harness connector is an important component for connecting various electrical and electronic devices of the automobile. In order to prevent the connector from being disengaged during driving, all the connectors are used locking device.

Disassembly method of aviation plug connector

If we want to disassemble the connector, first we need to unlock the lock first, then pull the connector open, and do not force the wire harness without unblocking, which will damage the locking device or connect the wire harness.

GX12 Aviation plug

Aviation plug connector features

It has the characteristics of good air tightness and beautiful appearance. Main features:

  1. Single-pole 75 amp connector and terminal
  2. Operating voltage: 600 volts, (AC or DC can be used)
  3. Plug-in life: 5000 times or more
  4. Withstand voltage insulation voltage: 2200 volts
  5. On-resistance : 100 micro ohms.

If the car harness connector is an important component that connects the various electrical and electronic devices of the car, the electrical signal is transmitted between the power source, the switch, the electric appliance and the electronic device. It is called the car nerve and is the carrier for controlling the electric signal of the car. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.


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