What do you know about the RF connectors? In this article, Elecbee Electronic Engineer will tell you some content of the development trend for the RF connectors. After reading, you will know more deeply.

1.Miniaturization: with the miniaturization of the whole machine system, the volume of RF connectors is smaller and smaller, such as SSMB and MMCX series, which are very small.

2.High frequency: HP of the US has launched RF connectors with frequency of 110GHz as early as several years ago. Domestic general products frequency no more than 40GHz. Soft cable shall not be used more than 10GHz, and a half – rigid cable shall not exceed 20GHz.

3.Multi-function: besides the function of bridge, it has the function of processing signal, such as filtering, phasing, mixing, attenuation, detection, limiting, etc.

4.Low VSWR: meet the requirements of weapon system and precision measurement.

RF Coaxial Connectors

5.Large capacity and high power: large capacity and high power mainly adapt to the development of information superhighway.

6.Surface mounting: it mainly adapt to the development of SMT (surface mount technology), and facilitates the simplification of the layout design of multi-layer printed boards.

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