There are nearly a hundred types of connectors used in general automobiles, and there are about hundreds of connectors used in a single car model. As people have higher and higher requirements for safety, environmental protection, comfort, intelligence, etc., the application of automotive electronic products is increasing, which will cause the number of automotive connector applications to show an increase.

Four basic structural components of automotive connectors:

1.The contact, is the core part of the car connector to complete the electrical connection function. Generally, a contact pair is composed of a male contact piece and a female contact piece, and the electrical connection is completed by the insertion of the female and male contact pieces. The male contact is a rigid part, and its shape is cylindrical (round pin), square cylinder (square pin) or flat (plug). The male contact is generally made of brass or phosphor bronze. The female contact piece, namely the socket, is the key part of the contact pair. It relies on the elastic structure to be elastically deformed when it is inserted into the pin to generate elastic force to form close contact with the male contact piece to complete the connection. There are many types of jack structures, including cylindrical (split, necking), tuning fork, cantilever type (longitudinal slot), folding type (longitudinal slot, 9-shaped), box-shaped (square jack) And hyperboloid wire spring jacks, etc.

Automotive Connectors

2.The shell, also known as the shell, is the outer cover of the car connector. It provides mechanical protection for the built-in insulating mounting plate and pins, and provides the alignment of the plug and socket when mating, and then fixes the connector To the device.

3.The insulator, the insulator is also often referred to as the base or the insert of the car connector. Its function is to arrange the contacts according to the required position and spacing, and to ensure that the contacts and the contacts Insulation performance between the shell. Good insulation resistance, withstand voltage performance and easy processing are the basic requirements for selecting insulating materials to be processed into insulators.

4.Accessories, accessories are divided into structural accessories and installation accessories. Structural accessories such as clamp ring, positioning key, positioning pin, guide pin, connecting ring, cable clamp, sealing ring, gasket, etc. Install accessories such as screws, nuts, screws, spring rings, etc. Most of the accessories have standard parts and common parts.

It is these four basic structural components that enable automotive connectors to act as bridges and operate stably.

Automotive Connectors

Design Standards:

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, various functional parts and various parts of automobiles are constantly developing in the direction of intelligence, refinement and reliability. The structural design, appearance design and materials of automobile connectors are also proposed higher requirement.

Automotive connectors must meet the USCAR-20 standard, which is the performance standard for automotive electrical connector systems. It stipulates that the contact surface of automotive connectors must always be reliable during the entire life cycle, including the following factors:

  1. The material of the connector contact is stable and reliable
  2. The positive force is stable
  3. The voltage and current of the circuit are stable
  4. The temperature requirement is within the specified range, including the surrounding temperature and its own temperature rise
  5. It must be the same as the connector used in the high-speed and long-distance communication computer, and the automobile connector must be able to work reliably under harsh conditions
Fakra Connector

Manufacturing process research:

The competitiveness of products depends to a certain extent on the level of manufacturing technology. Continuous development of new manufacturing technology and improvement of existing production and processing technology can greatly improve product manufacturing efficiency and quality assurance capabilities.

(1) Fine manufacturing process: This process is mainly aimed at technologies such as small pitch and thin thickness. Some companies have conducted research on the manufacturing process of connectors with a pitch less than 0.4mm. This type of technology can ensure that the company reaches the advanced level of international peers in the field of ultra-fine manufacturing. .

(2) Light source signal and electromechanical structure integration development technology: This technology can be applied to audio connectors that are embedded in electronic components. By adding IC, LED and other electronic components to the audio connectors, the audio connectors can also transmit analog signals. And the function of digital signal, which breaks through the current design of conducting transmission by mechanical contact of audio connectors.

(3) Low-temperature and low-pressure molding technology: use the sealing and physical and chemical properties of hot melt materials to achieve insulation and temperature resistance. After packaging, the wire protects the solder joints from external forces, and the DC connector body and the wire are encapsulated. Insulation, temperature resistance, impact resistance, etc., to ensure product quality and reliability, and will continue to be developed and applied in different products in the future.

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