Now that power construction is developing, the following article will introduce you to cable connectors. What is a cable connector? The so-called cable connector is an instrument that converts and connects several disconnected cables. This kind of instrument is very safe and can be operated with electricity under normal circumstances. Moreover, the quality of this component is very strong and can withstand tens of millions of volts.

The main purpose of the cable connector

Generally, cable connectors are mainly used between various transmission equipment (for example: various digital switches, signal transmission between power distribution racks, and internal connections of photoelectric transmission equipment). Now we can apply it between communication devices for data transmission (including audio, video, electronic communication, etc.). The cable connector has an excellent sheath, which has excellent flame retardant properties. The safety of the cable connector is greatly improved. Manufacturers now use multi-core cable connectors to make it easier for us to erect cables.

M Series Cable Connector

Installation process of cable connector

  1. The cable connector can be disassembled. Disassemble the connector and disassemble according to the number on the cable connector.
  2. Peel off one end of the cable, and then nail it on the nail shaft plate of the cable connector, and expose between 20 cm and 30 cm, and let the exposed part tilt downward and horizontal. The direction is between thirty degrees and forty degrees.
  3. At this time, use our sealant to seal the middle of the cable connector (to prevent leakage when working in a rainy day or in a relatively humid place). After the application is complete, dry it (in general, this sealant can be completely solidified in two to three hours). After the sealant is dry, you can cover the back end of the connector (note that the cushion and sealing ring must be put on)
  4. Then use a copper brush to clean up our cable connectors. Under normal circumstances, clean up the copper powder in the cable connectors and the cable sheath and other debris. Prevent the occurrence of short circuits or dangerous situations.
  5. Connect the internal conductor components, external lightning protection components and internal components of our cable connectors accordingly, and install them accurately at this time (that is, the order of installation should follow the above order).
  6. Install our inner card slot on our cable connector, and finally inflate it with a certain amount of dry gas. Keep the air pressure inside above 90%.

Cable Connector

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