The solar photovoltaic connector is used to connect to solar panels and other panels, batteries, and junction boxes. The most common solar photovoltaic connector type is the MC4 connector. This is a standardized single-pole connector with built-in stress cancellation and interlocking function – interlocking functions ensure firm matching and prevent unexpected plugs and sockets open.

The photovoltaic industry referred to as PV. Since the distribution of light energy resources is more uniform, there are no emissions and noise, and the application technology is mature and safe, and reliable. In addition to large-scale grid-connected power generation and network applications, solar energy can also be stored in a variety of ways such as pumping, superconducting, battery, and hydrogen, solar + energy storage can almost meet China’s future stable energy demand.

Solar energy is the most cleaner, safe and reliable energy in the future. Developed countries are using solar development and utilization as the main content of the energy revolution, and the photovoltaic industry is increasingly becoming another explosive development after the international advancement IT and microelectronics industry. The optimum mode of solar energy is photovoltaic conversion, which is to utilize photovoltaic effects to generate current directly to the silicon material. The photovoltaic conversion industry chain formed by the application of silicone materials is called the “photovoltaic industry”, including high-purity polysilicon raw materials, solar cell production, solar cell module production, manufacturing equipment, etc. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced on August 19, 2015, showed that my country’s photovoltaic industry increased by 30% year on year. At the same time, the product price is rising, and the business operations are generally improved. The top 4 polysilicon companies in China have achieved full production. The average gross profit margin of the top 10 components is over 15%, and 29 components enterprises entering the photovoltaic manufacturing industry. Average The net profit margin increased by 6.5 percentage points year-on-year.

In such a context, the Ding Ding of the new energy industry – the solar photovoltaic industry will usher in the industry’s high-gloss, and the entire industrial scale will have explosive growth. International Energy Agency is expected to provide 11% of global power generation by 2050. This is a very considerable number, and it is also a subtext of the industry: only product technology and quality are excellent, in order to eat this big cake.

Solar photovoltaic systems are mainly composed of solar cell groups, solar controllers, battery (group), inverters, etc. Solar battery packs convert solar energy into electrical energy, stored in the battery and converted to the user through the inverter to use the solar controller real-time monitoring and intelligent control.

In the solar photovoltaic system, there are multiple scenarios to use the connector. For example, power transmission is required to use the connector when charging or discharging, the solar controller, as a “central system” that the solar photovoltaic device is operating normally, and its control signal transmission also needs to be used to the connector.

Due to the particularity of the working environment in the solar photovoltaic system, the requirements of each hardware within the system are more demanding. The photovoltaic power generation device is in the outdoor environment, or even a more harsh abdomen. The wind strokes, the sunshine, the sunshine, which greatly tests the reliability and safety of the photovoltaic power generation system. At this time, the connector must meet the waterproof, dustproof, high and low-temperature impact, seismic, anti-loosening requirements.

As a representative enterprise in the field of the industrial waterproof connector, we have successfully applied to the solar photovoltaic device, and some overseas users use the charging or discharge port on the power storage panel in the solar photovoltaic system, which is generated in the power storage panel. Electrical energy is transmitted to the battery and uses the electrical energy within the battery to use these two processes to act as the role of the power connector. Both industrial grade standards, wiring adopts welding method, IP67 waterproof technology level, completely meet the waterproof, dustproof, anti-high-temperature impact, anti-high and low-temperature impact of the connector under outdoor conditions. 20A The rated current and the working voltage of the AC500V can meet the electrical technology requirements of the solar photovoltaic system for electrical energy transmission.

In the context of global reduction of carbon energy, the new energy application industry represented by solar photovoltaic power is a global new strategic industry and welcomes the blowout development under policy dividends.

As a representative enterprise in the industrial connector industry, Elecbee has become a trusted partner worth trustworthy in the solar photovoltaic power industry with continuous farm and technological innovation in the industrial connectors.

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