I don’t know how much you know about IPEX connectors. In the following, the editor of Elecbee will focus on introducing you to the types and sizes of IPEX connectors. I hope you can gain a deeper understanding of the types and sizes of IPEX connectors. IPEX connector is this product.
Elecbee IPEX connectors are widely used in mobile phones, digital cameras, computers, switches, routers, GPS navigation, wireless network cards, liquid crystal displays, household appliances, automotive appliances, and other fields.
Different generations of IPEX connectors have different connector sizes. Compared with other RF connectors, the size is small, and the feeder used can also be made very thin. IPEX will be used when the space size is high
Connector holder. So do you know what types and sizes of IPEX connectors are? Let’s take a look.
IPEX connector sizes are as follows:

IPEX Adapter
  1. IPEX sealed connectors are: MX120G, MX64, MXP120, MX150L
  2. The specifications of IPEX automotive connectors are: MX123, CMC, and CMX sealed hybrid module connectors.

IPEX connector and UFL, MHF difference and application

The connector engineer pointed out: IPEX connector is a very small connector, used in small devices such as mobile phone antennas,–it can achieve a high-speed signal transmission function. First, let’s first understand the difference between IPEX, UFL, MHF. IPEX, UFL, and MHF should all be the same connector, but different manufacturers have their own series and names. For example, the terminals produced by Daiichi Seiko are called IPEX, the terminals produced by Hirose are called UFL, and some small factories produce their own names. It is MHF, but many manufacturers do not have their own names, and will directly label their products as IPEX or UFL connectors.
Mainly used in miniature radio frequency coaxial cable connectors, the package is small, the working frequency is usually 0~6GHz, and it is commonly used in WiFi antennas, router antennas, GPS antennas, mobile phone antennas, etc.
There are different types of IPEX connectors: MHF, MHF2, MHF3, MHF4, MHF5, etc. There is not much difference in use, the main difference is that the size is different
(MHF> MHF2> MHF3> MHF4》MHF5), it depends on the specific application scenario.

IPEX Adapter

After reading the above content, you should have a clear understanding of the type and size of IPEX connectors. For more technical knowledge of IPEX connectors, we will continue to organize and publish them on the blog. If you need to purchase IPEX connectors or other RF connector related products, please contact us directly
There will be professional engineers to serve you.


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