With the popularization of electric vehicles, charging piles have received more and more attention as the energy supply equipment for electric vehicles. Charging an electric vehicle is an indispensable part of the process of using an electric vehicle, so are there any differences among these different charging modes besides the charging time? Elecbee engineers will share an article about portable EV charger.

At present, there are two main types of charging piles for electric vehicles. One is the public operating charging pile, and the other is the owner’s personal charging pile. The portable charger does not require a fixed parking space and can be carried with the car flexibly. It is an important choice for many electric vehicle owners. . Conventional charging is to use the portable charging device equipped with the car for charging, and can use a household power supply or a dedicated charging pile power supply. The charging current is relatively small, generally around 16-32A, and the current can be DC or two-phase AC and three-phase AC, so the charging time is 5 to 8 hours depending on the capacity of the battery pack.

Portable EV Charger

Although the shortcomings of the conventional charging mode are very obvious, the charging time is longer, but its requirements for charging are not high, and the charger and installation costs are low. It can make full use of the power trough period for charging, reducing charging costs. The more important advantage is that it can charge the battery deeply, improve the battery charging and discharging efficiency, and extend the battery life. Conventional charging modes are widely applicable, and can be set up in homes, public parking lots and public charging stations where they can be parked for a long time. Due to the longer charging time, it can greatly satisfy vehicles that operate during the day and rest at night.

After a deeper understanding, we know that the conventional charging mode mainly uses constant current charging and constant voltage charging for charging. Constant voltage charging refers to the charging method in which the power supply voltage always remains unchanged during the charging process. When using constant voltage charging, the battery pack must be connected in parallel between the charging power sources. As the electromotive force of the battery pack increases, the charging current will gradually decrease. If the charging voltage is adjusted properly, the charging current will automatically stop when the charging current becomes 0, which is the end of charging. The disadvantage of constant voltage charging is that the charging voltage must be selected appropriately. If the voltage is too high, it is easy to overcharge, the active material of the battery falls off, the battery heats up as a whole, and is prone to spontaneous combustion; and constant voltage charging cannot guarantee a complete charge.

The constant current charging is highly adaptable, and the charging current can be arbitrarily selected and adjusted. Therefore, the battery pack can be deeply charged under various conditions, and the damage to the battery pack is very small, which can extend the overall life of the battery pack. However, the biggest disadvantage of this method is that the charging time is too long and the charging voltage needs to be adjusted frequently to adjust the current. Constant voltage charging can reduce unnecessary troubles during charging. The current conventional charging modes basically use constant current and constant voltage charging to work together. The constant current charging is used in the early stage of charging to ensure the deep charging of the battery, and the constant voltage charging is used in the later stage to automatically reduce the current to end the charging and avoid overcharging. The user does not need to choose which charging method.

Elecbee is a professional electronic parts procurement platform. We provide a full range of high-quality connectors from original manufacturers. The above is the portable charger for electric vehicles that Elecbee has compiled and analyzed for everyone. What we must pay attention to when using portable chargers is the safety of use. I hope this article can help you solve your doubts. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.


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