Today I want to introduce a very classic RF connector, the N-type connector.

Let me first talk about the origin of the name of this connector. The N-type connector was first used in the US Navy, so it was named after the first letter of the Navy (NAVY).

  • type connector and SMA, BNC connector is the longest and most used connector. Due to the widespread application of 3G, it has been further used in communication. The impedance is 50 ohms. Due to its wide use, Derived from the 75-ohm N-type connector, the domestically launched L16-type connector has the same structure as the N-type, except that the connection thread is changed to M16, which is a bit different from the N-type thread 5/8-24UNEF and cannot be interconnected.
N-type connector

The mechanical and electrical performance characteristics of the N-type head:

   50-ohm N-type connector

Operating frequency: DC to 18 GHz, (some foreign manufacturers divide it into ordinary N-type and precision N-type, and their operating frequencies are ordinary N-type 11GHz, precision N-type 18GHz, and the domestic default is 18GHz)

Interface basis: IEC 60169-16

Mating thread: 5/8-24UNEF

Features: threaded fit is safe, reliable, waterproof, low reflection, medium power capacity

Application: wireless, telecommunication system, outdoor RF cable, instrumentation, waveguide transmission system

The N head has three installation methods: screw connection, crimp connection, and welding (this is divided into the inner conductor and outer conductor). Generally speaking, the jumper wire uses the screw connection and welding method, the flexible wire uses the outer conductor crimping method, the inner conductor has the crimping method and the welding method, and the semi-rigid uses the welding method.

N-type connector

The connectors used for jumpers are only N head and DIN head. Other types of joints are mainly used on flexible wires and semi-rigid wires.

There are two types of N head, straight head and elbow head, and the diameter of the cable that can be connected is from 2.6 to 24mm. In addition, there are N-type adapters, attenuators, etc.

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