SMA connectors and SMB connectors are very common connector types, and both are also very small RF coaxial connectors. As a result, many purchasers who are new to RF series connectors cannot distinguish them accurately. In order to allow you to quickly and accurately distinguish between SMA connectors and SMB connectors, our engineers from SMA Connector Network will introduce the difference between SMA connectors and SMB connectors in detail today.

SMA Connector

SMA radio frequency coaxial connector was invented in 1958 by James Cheal of Bendix Company in the United States. It was used to solve the problem of TEM mode conversion between coaxial and microstrip because of its small size, simple structure, working frequency bandwidth, and reliability. Because of its high performance and other advantages, it will soon be widely used in aerospace systems, microwave communication engineering, and military weapons. At present, SMA has become the most versatile RF connector with the largest variety and specifications in the world.

SMA uses the threaded connection, the precision level can be used up to 26.5GHz occasions. The advantages of SMA are high frequency, small size, and stable connection. SMA is widely used in the microwave field: coaxial cable to waveguide; coaxial cable to PCB microstrip, in amplifiers, attenuators, filters, mixers, SMA can also be seen in crystal oscillators and switches.

SMA Connector

The SMB (Sub-Miniature-B) RF coaxial connector is a push-in connector with a stopper. It was developed in response to the market’s need for a quick plug-in and unplugging of the connector. The center positioning function and overlap of the outer conductor shrapnel The insulator makes the SMB easy to snap and can maintain good performance in a vibration environment. It has the advantages of small size, convenient insertion and removal, good vibration resistance, and small space occupation. It is widely used in the operating frequency of 0-4GHz. Communication equipment, instrumentation, and navigation systems are used in the connection of RF or digital signals between PCB boards and within PCB boards.

The above is the introduction of the SMA connector and SMB respectively. After the above introduction, everyone should have a clear understanding of these two types of connectors and be able to distinguish them quickly. This will be very helpful to your future production and purchasing work. If you have any other questions about SMA products, please email our engineers. We will definitely answer your questions as soon as possible. Finally, I wish everyone a smooth production and procurement work.

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