The continuous development of application fields such as the automobile industry and the computer communication industry has gradually expanded the market capacity of connectors, with an average annual growth rate of more than double digits, and great market development potential. my country has become It is the fastest growing and largest capacity market for connectors in the world.

The top five application areas for global connector sales are: automobiles, computers and peripherals, communications, industrial equipment, and aerospace and military applications. The top five applications for growth are consumer electronics, Transportation electronics, medical electronics, communication electronics, computers and peripherals. Among them, medical electronics has become a new growth point in the application of connectors. With the implementation of my country’s new medical reform and the level of medical information. With continuous improvement, the market demand for connectors in my country’s medical field continues to increase.

USB Connectors

My country’s connectors are mainly in the low-end and high-end connectors, but the demand is growing rapidly. At present, my country’s connector development is in the transitional period from production to creation. In the field of high-end connectors, computers and peripheral equipment occupy the largest market share, and the automotive and medical equipment connector markets also occupy a higher share. The domestic automotive connector market share is about Accounted for 20%, the demand for high-end connectors is growing rapidly.

As competition in the connector manufacturing industry continues to intensify, mergers and acquisitions and capital operations among large-scale connector manufacturing companies are becoming more frequent. Excellent domestic connector manufacturing companies are paying more and more attention to the industry market. Field research, especially in-depth research on the industrial development environment and product buyers. Because of this, a large number of excellent domestic connector brands have risen rapidly, and have gradually become leaders in the connector manufacturing industry!

As the structure of the connector is becoming more and more diversified, new structures and application fields are constantly appearing, and trying to solve the classification and naming problems with a fixed model has become difficult to adapt. Nevertheless, some basic classifications are still based on the functions of the internal and external connections of electronic devices, and interconnection can be divided into five levels.

  1. The internal connections of the chip package.
  2. IC package bow|pin and PCB connection. Typical connector IC socket.
  3. The connection between the printed circuit and the wire or printed board. The typical connector is a printed circuit connector.
  4. The connection between the bottom plate and the bottom plate. The typical connector is a cabinet type connector.
  5. The connection between the device and the device. The typical product is a circular connector.

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