RJ is the abbreviation of Registered Jack, which means registered socket. And it is the interface that describes the public telecommunication network in the standards of FCC (US Federal Communications Commission).

RJ series connectors are widely used in civil, industrial, medical, communications and other fields. They have a bright future in civilian areas, such as telephone, network adapter, PC, Notebook, Router/Switch, security cameras, game consoles and other devices. Commonly, RJ connector series can be divided into RJ11, RJ14, RJ25 and RJ45 Ethernet interface (network interface).

The following numbers of RJ connector represent the number of wires. So the RJ45 connector is a standard 8-bit modular interface of a computer network. There are many ways of common saying, for example, RJ45 socket, RJ45 connector, RJ45 network port, RJ45 female socket, and so on. Our products more refer to the RJ45 connector in the mother seat. Therefore, the following attributes are mainly for RJ45 female seats.

The RJ45 connector consists of a plug (connector, plug) and a socket (module). The plug has 8 recesses and 8 contacts. And RJ45 connectors have both male and female. RJ45 female connector often used in PCB and equipment end, which also called RJ45 socket and female seat. RJ45 male connector (RJ45 Plug) often used on the line side.

Mainly can divided into two types: Through hole Type and SMT Type; Straight/180 degree and Right Angle/90 degree. There are different choice of RJ45 connector, single port and muti-port. According to whether it has shielding performance, RJ45 connector include shielded socket (Shielded RJ45 Jack) and unshielded socket (Unshielded). The shielding shell can be divided into full and half packages. In addition, the RJ45 shielded socket has the same structure as the non-shielded socket except for the outer shield shell.

RJ45 connector consist of RJ45 Jack with LEDS and RJ45 Jack without LEDS. The color of the indicator light is generally yellow and green. Yellow indicates Power, and green indicates Data. Some product designs are two green lights, or white and green.

The surface treatment of RJ45 connector are nickel plated and gold plated of the contact points, and we provide abundant RJ45 connectors online. Elecbee is a electronic components online store, which specialized in BNC connectorSMA connectorUSB connector and other types. Retail and customized services are available in elecbee.


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