M series connector construction:

1. M series connector housing

Also known as the shell, it is the cover of the M series connector, which is the maintenance of the built-in insulation layer mounting plate and the needle insertion mechanism, and shows the direction when the plug and the socket are inserted, and the plug is clamped, so that the M series connector is fixed to the machine.

2. M series connector notes

The notes are structured with notes and installation notes. Construction notes such as collars, precision positioning keys, locating pins, guiding pins, connecting rings, cable clamps, sealing rings, gaskets, etc. Installation notes such as screws, nuts, extruder screws, coils, etc. Most of the notes have standard and general parts.

3. M series connector touch parts:

It is a key component of the M-series connector for electrical connection. Usually, the male touch member and the weak positive touch member constitute a touching pair, and the electrical connection is made according to the insertion of the female and male touch members.
The male type touch member is a rigid component, which is usually called a needle insertion and is shaped like a cylindrical type (round needle insertion), a square cylinder shape (guide insertion), or a flat shape (tab). The weakly positive contact, which is the socket, is an important component of the touch pair. It uses the ductile structure to produce a ductile deformation when the needle is inserted and inserted, and the elastic force and the male contact are inseparably touched join.

4. M series connector conductors and insulators

Conductors and insulators, also commonly referred to as bases or inserts, have the effect of ordering the contacts in the required locations and intervals and ensuring the middle of the contacts and the middle of the contacts and the casing. The dielectric strength can be. Excellent grounding resistance, working voltage resistance, and easy processability are the basic rules for the selection and production of thermally conductive materials into conductors and insulators.

M12 Connector with 4 Pin

M12 Connector 4 Pin from Elecbee

M series connector

M series connector aviation plug and socket how to choose the motor:
Don’t underestimate the M-series connectors for aviation plugs and sockets. Their quality is related to the safety of household appliances and the safety of the users.
Experts: Pay special attention to the purchase of M-series connectors for aviation plugs and sockets:

  • Pay special attention to famous brands and buy goods from large and medium-sized enterprises. This kind of company earnestly implements the national norms and the product quality is close.
  • Special attention to the mark, the goods must have the “CCEE” safety certificate, the manufacturer should have the manufacturer’s company name, detailed address, telephone; the national industry standard for the rated voltage requirements, divided into 6A, 12A and 18A3 levels If no other grades are indicated as non-standard items.
  • Pay special attention to “pairing” and select the products whose rated current and rated voltage are consistent with the common outlet switch of the house. The order of rated voltage from large to small should be plugs, power plugs, portable sockets, power consumption household appliances, and can not be confused.
  • Pay special attention to the M series connector plug. The M series connector plugs required by China’s national industry standards are in the form of flat, with plugs for secondary and secondary grounding devices; cylindrical plugs are obsolete and do not have to be purchased.
M12 connectors

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