The circular connector is mainly used in the industrial world. It is a cylindrical multi-pin electronic connector with a circular plug surface, which is used for the interconnection between devices. Circular connectors contain contacts that transmit data and power, and typically include low-frequency circular connectors, RF coaxial connectors, and audio connectors.

The cylindrical structure of the circular connector is inherently robust and provides greater strength than any other shape. The shell is made of zinc alloy or PBT engineering plastic material, and the connection adopts 1/4 quick bayonet connection, plug-in connection, latch connection, quick-plug connection, threaded connection, push-pull connection, etc.

Main applications of round connectors

Where a variety of connectors are used to interconnect components to cables, and cables to cables, circular connectors are the first choice.

Widely used in sensors, actuators, encoders, motors, industrial grating light curtains, factory automation process control, equipment batteries, semiconductors, packaging label printing equipment, fieldbus, industrial equipment, marine electronics NMEA 2000, rail transit, EMS Circuit board assemblies, LED outdoor displays, outdoor LED lighting, etc.

Why is it round?

A series of IEC specifications define circular connectors. This is IEC61076, IEC61076 defines a variety of connectors, the circular connectors are mainly M5, M8, M12, M16 and other specifications of circular connectors, specify their dimensions, pin distribution, mechanical and electrical characteristics and so on.

Common round connectors

M5 Round connector

The M5 circular connector provides electrical and signal connections between the control system and various sensors, such as pressure sensors, position sensors, acceleration sensors, and temperature and humidity sensors.

M8 Round connector

Common M8 connectors, thread specification is M8 x 1.0. So unlike the M12, which has many specifications, it only has three or four codes and five bits. The M8 pin spacing is too small, so it is not suitable for high voltage applications, only suitable for applications below 50V AC or 60V DC.

M12 Round connector

The M12 connector is one of the most common connectors in the industrial market and is considered as the backbone connector for iot system connectivity.

M16 Round connector

The M16 connector was originally developed to meet the requirements of the German Standardization Institute (DIN), which sets the standard for circular connectors for analog audio signals. They have been widely used for many years and are known through the audio industry as DIN standard connectors, as consumers call them.

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