BNC Connector structure

The BNC-T type head is used to connect the computer network card and the cable in the network; 

BNC barrel connectors are used to connect two thin cables into a longer cable;

BNC cable connectors for soldering or screwing on the ends of the cables;

BNC terminations are used to prevent reflection interference after the signal reaches the cable break. Terminations are special connectors with resistances that match the characteristics of the network cable. Each terminator must be grounded.

Main features of BNC connectors

Characteristic impedance

The characteristic impedance of the BNC connector is mostly 50Ω and 75Ω. Many series of BNC connectors are available in both 50Ω and 75Ω sizes.

Generally speaking, 50Ω BNC connectors are mostly used for high-frequency, high-performance products; 75Ω BNC connectors are mostly used for products below 4GHz, especially consumer electronic products. Users should choose BNC connectors with matching impedance according to their own products.


Each CNC connector has a frequency range, and users should know the operating frequency of their products to select connectors. Choosing a connector below the required operating frequency can affect the electrical performance of the entire machine; or choosing an expensive high-precision and high-frequency connector is wasteful. It should be noted that the frequency of use of connectors designed by different companies is relatively different, and the frequency of use of inferior products is far from meeting industry requirements. When choosing a connector, the user should confirm the electrical performance description of the product.


VSWR is one of the most important performance indicators of BNC connectors. It is a measure of the amount of signal returned from the connector. It is a vector unit including amplitude and phase components. The VSWR of the same type of connector is different at different frequencies of use. Generally speaking, the higher the frequency of use, the higher the VSWR. If you want to know the VWSR of a BNC connector at a specific frequency, you can ask the manufacturer.

BNC connector quality

1. The BNC connector passes through the surface of the product, and the coating is bright and delicate. The higher the purity of copper, the brighter it is. Some products are bright on the outside, but iron.

2. In the magnet adsorption test, generally only the bayonet spring and the tail spring are made of iron; the wire clip, needle and sleeve are made of copper, and the other parts are made of zinc.

3. Scrape off the surface coating to see the material: Use a sharp tool such as a blade to scrape the surface coating, visually see the material, and visually compare the product material.

With the advancement of science and technology, the complexity of machinery will gradually deepen. In a machine, the connector is a very important part. Although the connector is small, transmitting the signal depends on it. Therefore, when choosing a connector, its performance and quality are the most important factors that directly determine the service life and performance of the machine.

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