There are many environments in which aviation connectors are used. Because of their wide range of applications, does it mean that any environment has no effect on aviation connectors? I will introduce you in detail below:

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1.Ambient temperature of Aviation connectors: It is the physical quantity indicating the degree of heat and cold of the object. The ambient temperature is different in different seasons and different regions. It can change the physical state of the object and will have a great impact on the performance of the aviation connectors. In order to ensure the high efficiency of the connector, its internal metal component is required to maintain its physical state at a certain temperature without change. Therefore, it is required to withstand a temperature range of -60 to 200 degrees. After the two components are connected, heat will be generated when the current passes, and the temperature will rise. This is the operating temperature. Generally, the operating temperature and the ambient temperature are added in the range of 200 degrees, which is an acceptable temperature range.

2.Environmental humidity of Aviation connectors: It is the physical quantity indicating the degree of dryness of the atmosphere. Water can cause corrosiveness to metal components, and also has certain conductivity, which can reduce insulation. In a certain volume of air at a certain temperature, the higher the humidity, the more water vapor in the air, which will affect the performance of the connector. Therefore, the component material requirements of the connector must be selected to minimize the influence of water, and the connector must be operated for at least 96 hours at a temperature of about 40 degrees and a relative humidity of 90%-95%.

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3.Environment Salt spray of Aviation connectors: refers to the dispersion system consisting of tiny droplets of salt in the atmosphere. When the temperature is 35℃ and the concentration of salt liquid is 3%, it will cause great corrosion to the object, especially metal. The components of the material that affect the electrical performance of the aviation connector. In order to avoid affecting its electrical properties in a salt spray environment, it is required to operate for at least 48 hours in a salt spray environment artificially prepared from a specific sodium chloride solution. Vibration and shock often affect the electrical contact reliability and robustness of the connector. Usually, the performance of the vibration shock environment is tested according to the relevant parameters during the production process to improve the electrical performance.

4.Environment liquid of Aviation connectors: impregnation is to soak the object in the liquid, the surrounding water is relatively large, the action time is relatively short, but this method is the best and most common method to check the object’s tightness. In order to ensure the reliability of the performance of the aviation plug and maintain the current continuity of the connected components, it is usually applied to the appropriate electronic equipment according to different application objects and different application environments, but all must meet different Electrical performance requirements in various of environmental conditions.

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