The use of the indispensable marine connector has a great effect on the safety of the ship. Especially when you are at sea, you may encounter various unexpected situations, and any detail may affect the realization of safety.

M series circular sensor connector

1.Basic performance needs to better meet the needs of practicality

As one of the basic equipment on the ship, the easy-to-use marine connector will have higher requirements for basic performance. Some basic points such as corrosion resistance and waterproofness need to be met. Only in this way can it be able to resist the harsh sea The weather environment ensures that it can better play a stronger role in the process of sailing.

2.Comply with certain quality management system

In order to better reflect its quality and value, marine connectors attach great importance to and use the advanced management quality system to measure, pay attention to better comparison through system content, and ensure that they can better meet international standards and requirements during the production process. From a comprehensive perspective, it can better meet the function and safety of marine connectors.

Industrial Circular Connectors

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