The M8 connector and the M12 connector are the two most widely used connectors in industrial connectors. What is the difference? Let me introduce you to the following:

The thread of the M12 connector is M12*1, the connection method is screw connection, the protection degree of the housing is IP67, the number of pins is 4 pins, 5 pins, 8 pins, the number of holes is 4 holes, 5 holes, 8 holes, and the product shape is straight. M12 connectors are available with and without cables. Cables are available in PVC (general) or PUR (oil resistant) materials. Cable lengths can be customized according to user requirements. This connector is available with and without shielding.


M8 connector thread is M8*1, screw connection, IP67 protection, 3 pins, 4 pins, 3 holes, 4 holes, straight, elbow with cable and without Cable. M8 connector cable is available in PVC (ordinary) or PUR (oil-resistant and wear-resistant) materials. The cable length can be customized according to user requirements, and the waterproof performance is superior.


  1. The connector can improve the production process, simplify the assembly process of electronic products, and simplify the mass production process;
  2. easy to repair, if an electronic component fails, the replacement of the failed component can be quickly replaced when the connector is installed;
  3. easy to upgrade, with the advancement of technology, when the connector is installed, the component can be updated to replace the old one with a new, more complete component;
  4. Increase design flexibility: When using connectors, engineers have more flexibility when designing and integrating new products, and when using components to form a system.l

M8 M12 Sensor connectors

Application areas: Connectors are widely used in sensors, testing instruments, electronic instrumentation, electronic machinery, communications, aviation, navigation, computers, LED, automotive, engineering machinery. Electromechanical, petroleum survey, transmission control systems, electrical and electrical systems, industrial automation and other fields.


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