M8 connector is an indispensable component in electronic equipment. If you observe the current flow path, you will always find one or more connectors. The forms and structures of M8 connectors are ever-changing. With different application objects, frequencies, powers, application environments, etc., there are various types of connectors. Do you know the classification of M8 connector? M8 connectors are divided into two types: wired and non-wired. Today, I will give you a brief introduction.

M8 Connector

The importance of the M8 connector has also begun to be recognized by everyone. But there will always be some friends who feel special and unfamiliar with this product. Even, when you are ready to buy, you can’t get very correct and help you buy the most authentic quality products. Therefore, I will introduce you to this connector that allows you to have more understandings and understandings in the process of using this product.

M8 connectors are mainly divided into two types: cast cable M8 connectors and screw connection M8 connectors (also known as M8 connectors without cables).

1. Cast cable M8 connector is made by welding and casting cable. The cable material is PUR/PVC, which can be selected from two options (if the environment comes into contact with harsh environments such as oil pollution, cold and high temperature, PUR outer cover cable can be selected, and PUR cable is wear-resistant, oil-resistant and temperature-resistant at-30 C+85 C). The length of cable can be customized according to the customer’s requirements, such as 1m, 2m, 5m, 10m-50m, etc. There are four colors of cable, namely black, orange, yellow and gray, and the cable diameter is 3.5-5.0mm.

2. M8 connector with screw connection is made by welding and injection molding. The plug shell is made of PA, and the screw connection is made. The outlet is 3.5-5M.

M8 Connector

The number of pins/cores of M8 connector is 3/4 core and 3/4 pin respectively, and its external form can be divided into two different types: straight head and elbow. The connection mode is to screw the thread M8*1 into the plug connection. It is emphasized here that it must be aligned with the groove in the plug, otherwise, it cannot be screwed. M8 connector has the advantages of good waterproof performance, convenient wiring for users, convenient on-site installation and maintenance, stable performance, high efficiency and quick connection, time-saving and high-cost performance, which can be customized according to your own needs.

Application Area: Sensor, Testing Instruments, Electronic Instrumentation, Electronic Machinery, Communication, Aviation, Navigation, Computer, LED Light, Automobile, Engineering Machinery Transmission Control System, Electrical and Electrical System, Industrial Automation and Other Fields.

M8 Connector

M8 connector is suitable for most products, such as loading and unloading construction equipment, steel production equipment, automatic production equipment and other mechanical products. It also has many advantages. It is convenient for many mechanical equipment, improves work efficiency, avoids our mistakes in work, saves the production cost of enterprises, provides equipment operation quality and reduces maintenance. High efficiency and durability (its durability and current flow can ensure smooth and normal, while high quality guarantee can reduce the trouble of continuous maintenance and reduce the maintenance cost).

After reading the above, you should understand M8 connector. For more articles related to connectors, we will continue to arrange and publish them on the blog of the website. Interested users should remember to pay attention to our latest developments.

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