Connectors are electromechanical components that connect conductors (wires) with appropriate counterpart components to realize circuit connection and disconnection. Since the appearance of UHF series connectors in 1930, the development history of RF coaxial connectors has only been a few decades. However, due to its good broadband transmission characteristics and a variety of convenient connection methods, it is used in communication equipment, The use of weapon systems, instrumentation and home appliances is becoming more and more widespread. With the continuous development of the whole machine system and the continuous progress of production technology, radio frequency coaxial connectors are also constantly developing, and new varieties are emerging in endlessly.

1. Miniaturization and miniaturization

The miniaturization of the whole machine system not only enables the whole machine to realize the characteristics of multi-function and portability, but also can greatly reduce the material cost, transportation cost and own energy consumption. Especially for aerospace products, it can also greatly reduce the launch cost. The miniaturization and miniaturization of components are the prerequisites for the miniaturization of the whole machine system. Only by using miniaturized components can high-density installation be achieved and more space can be saved.

RF Lightning Protection

2. High frequency

In order to obtain a wider channel space and achieve a higher data transmission rate, the operating frequency of the whole system is constantly increasing.

3. Surface mount

In the short ten years since the emergence of SMT (surface mount) technology, the assembly automation of the whole machine industry has been significantly improved, and the cost of products has been greatly reduced, which has also prompted the component industry to shift from traditional pin-type packaging to chip-type surface Mounted device (SMD) transition, the emergence of SMD is also known as the fourth revolution of electronics.

At present, many series of low-frequency surface mount printed circuit board connectors have begun to be mass-produced and used, and surface mount radio frequency coaxial connectors are only used in user terminal products such as mobile phones due to their special requirements such as structure and force under working conditions. It is used in batches, and manufacturers are quite limited. But with the continuous development of SMT technology, surface mount will become the mainstream way of connecting small connectors with microstrip and printed boards.

Radio Frequency Coaxial Connector

4. Multifunctional

Multifunctionalization is a development direction of components, and RF coaxial connectors are no exception. In addition to the role of electrical connection, the new connector also has functions such as filtering, phase shifting, attenuation, detection, and mixing.

The use of multifunctional radio frequency coaxial connectors can simplify the structure of the whole machine to the greatest extent and improve the system’s anti-interference ability. In the next few years, more varieties of multifunctional radio frequency coaxial connectors will be developed and used.

5. High performance, high power

In order to meet the development needs of the information superhighway, communication equipment requires high transmission rate and high signal-to-noise ratio, which requires various components in the system to achieve high electrical performance indicators.

In short, the radio frequency coaxial connector will develop rapidly with the development of the whole machine system, and will replace waveguides and other microwave devices in more fields, and become an indispensable key component in the field of microwave transmission.


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