Imagine what would happen if there were no M12 connectors? At this time, the power circuit is permanently connected by continuous electrical conductors. For example, the electronic device must be connected to the switching power supply. It is necessary to connect the two sides of the power transmission line with the electronic device and the switching power supply according to a certain type (such as electric welding). Move firmly. At the same time, there are many inconveniences, both for manufacturing and application.

Take the car battery as an example.

Assuming that the rechargeable battery cable is fixed and fixed on the rechargeable battery, the automobile manufacturer increases the labor for installing the rechargeable battery, and increases the manufacturing time and cost. When the rechargeable battery must be replaced, the car must be sent to the repair center, the old one is removed, and the new one is soldered. Therefore, more labor costs are required. With the M12 connector, you can avoid a lot of inconvenience, buy a new rechargeable battery from the store, disassemble the old rechargeable battery, install the rechargeable battery, and connect to the M12 connector again.This simple example shows a bit of the M12 connector. It makes design and processing easier and more flexible, reducing manufacturing and maintenance costs.

M12 Connectors Socket And Plug

So, what is the definition of the M12 connector? M12 connector, China also calls it the M12 connector, power plug and power outlet. Usually refers to the M12 electrical connector. That is, the components of the two active components are connected to transmit a current amount or a data signal.

The M12 connector is a component that is often touched by electronic engineering professionals. Its function is very simple: in the power circuit is blocked or isolated in the middle of the power supply circuit, set up a road bridge to communicate, and then make the current flow, so that the power circuit to establish a reservation. The M12 connector is an indispensable component in electronic products. You will find one or several M12 connectors along the loop of the current flow. M12 connector mode and structure are in a variety of ways, with the use of constructor, frequency, output power, application environment, etc., there are a variety of different ways M12 connector.

Understand the basics of the M12 connector, and then the benefits of the M12 connector:

  1. It is conducive to upgrading: With the advancement of technology, with the M12 connector can upgrade the meta-components, replace the old with new, more robust meta-components;
  2. Improve the coordination ability of the design scheme: the application of the M12 connector enables the technical engineers to have greater coordination ability when designing the solution and integrating the new product, and when using the component to form the system software;
  3. Improve the processing: M12 connector simplifies the entire assembly process of electronic equipment, and also simplifies the whole process of mass production;
  4. Easy to overhaul: If an electronic device component is invalid, with the M12 connector can quickly replace the invalid component;
M12 Sensor Connector

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