The effect of the terminals is the tool when connecting low-tension cable, wires with electrical equipment(normally transformer,box,Cabinets )

The terminal is used to connect the wire. In fact,It’s a metal scrapes which is sewn into insulating plastic,Both sides have the holes which can be connected with cables.The screw is used to tighten or loosen,Like the two cables,Sometimes they connect ,sometimes they disconnect,The terminal is used to connect them together,can they cab be disconnected anytime,You don’t have to weld them together or wrap them together,It’s very convenient and fast.and very suitable for many cables connect together.In the electric power industry,There are Special terminal row,terminal box,It’s full of terminals on them,Single or double,Current, common type,A certain area of compression is required to ensure reliable contact,And to be able to get enough current through.

Plug In Terminal Block Connector 5pin

The terminals is a kind of accessories to realize electrical connection.It’s divided into the connectors in the industrial engineering,With the increasing degree of industrial automation Industrial controls standards are becoming more stringent,precise,The amount of terminal is increasing gradually.

What is the condition to use terminal board?

Electrical connections between different devices need to use terminal board,Some plug-ins (modules) also require a terminal row.

When the wiring terminal board is used in the middle of the gas cabinet?

Take a installation unit as the boundary, Terminal rows are required to access and exit the unit.

What is the effect of the terminal board in the power distribution box?

Terminals is the special for the ground electrode,At present, China’s electricity is three-phase four-wire system, The zero line is separated from the ground line,Ground wire is generally connected to the ground wire socket, in order to protect the safety of electricity!

Terminal Strips H Type White

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