In many industries, when a connector is needed, the connector is coated with a special coating. For those who do not understand electronic engineering technology, people may have doubts about it. Is there any plating on the connector? What is the special meaning? The following is the explain from Elecbee for everyone: the use of contact plating on the connector can not only reduce the corrosion of the environment to the connector, but also improve the connector’s wear resistance and durability, it can also be stable in terms of electrical performance Maintain connector impedance. Helps improve and use the quality of the coated connectors.

MCX MMCX Connectors

The specific performance is as follows:

1. Coating the connector helps to improve the mechanical properties;

2. Coating the connector can improve the anti-corrosion function;

3. Coating the connector helps to improve the electrical performance;

4. Connector plating There are also features of ordinary metal plating;

5. Connector plating and the use of precious metal plating features.

N Type Connectors Assembly

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