The connection form of the connector is generally composed of a plug and a socket, wherein the connector of the connector is also referred to as a free end connector, and the socket is also referred to as a fixed connector. This is through the plug, socket and plug and separate to achieve the connection and disconnection of the circuit, thus creating a variety of connection forms of the plug and socket, The four connection forms of the connector plug are described below.

RF Coaxial Connector

Connector connection form:

1. Connector connection of the connector plug

The bayonet connection of the connector plug is a reliable and quick connection and separation. Most of the electrical connectors of the card 121 connection form have a visual display of the correct connection and locking and can be viewed from the small holes on the side of the electrical connector connection nut.

2. Threaded connection of the connector plug

The threaded connection of the connector plugs is a type of connection that has a larger size of contact, which is often used in some highly vibrating environments. This type of connection can be fitted with a fuse that prevents loosening after the connection is completed. The connection form is stable and reliable, but it is slow to remove when connected.

3. Connector connection mode of the connector plug

The connector connection of the connector plug is for some electrical connectors on devices that need to be blindly connected to the frame, which makes the electrical device lighter and smaller, easier to maintain and more reliable. This type of connection makes it impossible for the operator to feel the connection. It is necessary to design an accurate positioning device to avoid forcibly connecting the mis-inserted connector plugs together, making mis-insertion impossible. Connector plugs are usually designed with a floating or resilient contact design to ensure proper connection.

BNC Connector

4. Plug and connect connection of connector plug

The plug connector connection of the connector plug is a versatile connection form. When the plug and the socket of the electrical connector are connected and disconnected, the moving direction is usually a reciprocating linear motion, and there is no need to twist and rotate, and only a small working space is required to complete the loading and unloading. Common plug-in connections are available in either ball or pin configurations. Since the connection form has no mechanically labor-saving mechanism, once the insertion is mistaken, the mechanical resistance is significantly increased and can be found in time.

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