A patch panel is a device used for end-user lines or trunk lines and capable of deploying and connecting them. The network patch panel, also known as the copper cable patch panel, is an important component in the cable management system. It is a modular device used at the central office to manage front-end information points. It is a bridge between cables and equipment. Its advantages are: It is convenient to manage cables, reduce the occurrence of faults, and make the wiring environment clean and beautiful.

Types of network patch panels:

At present, there are many types of network patch panels on the market. According to different classification methods, network patch panels can be divided into the following types:

  1. According to the number of ports: Generally, it can be divided into 12-port network patch panels, 24-port network patch panels, and 48-port network patch panels. Among them, 24-port network patch panels are used most frequently.
  2. Classification according to the presence or absence of shielding layer: It can be divided into shielded (STP) network patch panel and unshielded (UTP) network patch panel. Among them, an unshielded network patch panel is used frequently.
  3. Classification according to the type of connection cable: Common network patch panels are generally divided into two types: Cat5e network patch panels and Cat6 network patch panels. Cat5e network patch panel is a component used to manage Cat5e network cables, and Cat6 network patch panel is a component used to manage Cat6 network cables.
Application Field Of Patch Panel

The role of network patch panel:

The patch panel is mainly a modular device used to manage front-end information points at the central office. The front-end information point cable (super Category 5 or Category 6 cable) enters the equipment room first after entering the equipment room, hit the wire on the module of the patch panel, and then use a jumper (RJ45 interface) to connect the patch panel to the switch. In general, patch panels are used for management equipment. For example, if there is no patch panel, the front-end information points are directly connected to the switch, and if there is a problem with the cable, it will face rewiring. Besides, the management is also chaotic, and multiple plugging and unplugging may cause damage to the switch port. The existence of the patch panel solves this problem, and better management can be achieved by replacing jumpers.

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