Decomposition detection of the aviation plug electrical connector is one of the necessary steps, which can avoid the problems in the use of the aviation plug electrical connector. Today, Elecbee engineers will introduce fault testing and preventive measures for aviation plug electrical connectors.

When accepting and testing the used electrical connectors, the requirements shall be reduced on the basis of the relevant scale of the product and the use of the imitation. The electrical connectors used shall be intact and the functions shall be qualified; the probes shall meet the scale requirements, otherwise Easy to cause damage to the jack.

When removing the tail attachment that has been connected to the harness or cable, do not twist the coupling nut on the tail attachment before loosening the cable clamp, otherwise the air plug electrical connector, core wire or end point may be damaged. Before tightening the coupling nut, loosen the thread locking device (anti-loose screw, anti-loose ring, fuse, etc.).

M series sensor connector

If it is necessary to disassemble the electrical connector, the operator should fully understand the pre-installation premise and method of the electrical connector, and disassemble the electrical connector according to the requirements of the product use copy. Special attention should be paid to whether there are missing components and components, and whether the assembly is in place. Whether the serial number of the contact is accurate or whether the rubber parts are twisted or not. The assembled electrical connectors should be tested for connectivity to ensure interchangeability.

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