Due to the limited nature of traditional energy sources and the severe damage and pollution caused by long-term and large-scale use of the environment, the research, development and application of clean new energy has become an important strategy for the development of science and technology in countries around the world. As an important part of new energy vehicles, connectors have considerable development prospects in the future market.

People have higher and higher requirements for automobile safety, environmental protection, comfort, intelligence, etc., so there are more and more new functions added to automobiles, such as safety systems, comfort systems, navigation and instruments, etc. This is inevitable The result is an increase in the number of connector applications. In the future, each car will use more than 800 or even 1,000 connectors. The demand for automotive connectors in the automotive connector market is huge and stable. Compared with traditional automotive connectors, the consumption of new energy vehicles has increased a lot, ushering in a blowout explosion, especially large The current, high-voltage electric drive system puts forward higher requirements for reliability, volume and electrical performance, which are far higher than the current level of traditional cars.

New energy vehicles have the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, and advanced nature, and are currently favored by the world. Moreover, new energy vehicles have the possibility of completely replacing traditional vehicles, and the market potential has great imagination. In new energy vehicles and supporting facilities, it is necessary to use a large number of connectors, especially for high-voltage and strong current-resistant connectors. High-performance connectors are important parts for the safety of new energy vehicles. In the future, with the explosive blowout of the new energy vehicle market, the demand for connectors will greatly increase, and the market prospects for the connector industry are promising.

EV Connector

The connector market for new energy vehicles has been prominent in recent years. Due to the economic crisis, the pent-up demand for new energy vehicles stimulated the development of the connector market in the first few years of this decade. Coupled with the increasing use of electronic technology in new energy vehicles, from engine, gearbox control, navigation and entertainment to safety systems, these require each vehicle to be equipped with multiple connectors. With the continuous growth of new energy vehicle production and sales, the development potential of the new energy vehicle connector industry is huge.

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