Nylon cable gland is a matching accessory for cables, mainly used in distribution boxes and distribution cabinets. The main function is to make the line smooth, keep the cable sealed, and ensure the insulation level of the cable joint, so that it can operate safely and reliably. If the seal is not good, not only will oil leak, causing the oil-impregnated paper to dry out, but moisture will also infiltrate the inside of the cable, reducing the insulation performance.

Nylon cable glands are widely used in various distribution boards, mechanical control boxes, digital display boards, automatic control distribution boards, electrical equipment, solar power system wiring, telecommunications and network communications, monitoring systems, audio-visual audio, LED lighting equipment, traffic signs , Office equipment, wire and cable fixing of electrical products. The following introduces the characteristics of the product and precautions for installation.

Nylon Cable Glands

Product characteristics:

  1. The tightening ring is specially designed to have a strong fixed pulling force and no harm to the motor.
  2. There is no need to disassemble the cable gland, the cable can be directly inserted and tightened, saving time and convenience.
  3. Waterproof, dustproof, saltproof, acid and alkali resistant, alcohol, oil, grease and general solvents, both indoor and outdoor.
  4. Use the 0-shaped sealing ring to tighten the tight head within the specified bayonet range to achieve IP68 protection level.

Installation Guide:

Take the distribution box installation cable as an example

  1. Measure the aperture of the distribution box and confirm the outer diameter of the joint
  2. Measure the maximum outer diameter of the cable and confirm the buckle
  3. Choose the right joint according to the size
  4. Fix the connector at the opening of the distribution box
  5. Put the threaded cap on the cable and pass through the center hole of the connector
  6. Screw on the threaded cap and the installation is complete.
Cable Glands Black and White

Application Notes:

  1. In order to ensure waterproof and longer-term operation, it is recommended to use double-wall glued heat shrink tubing and insulating bushing.
  2. In order to ensure a certain pressure at the joint, it is recommended to add a sheath tube to strengthen the insulation and protection.
  3. The self-adhesive tapes used (or heat-shrinkable waterproof tapes) are high-voltage products to ensure insulation safety.
  4. During construction, it is best to adopt a staggered butt joint (that is, the cable does not need to be neatly cut and butt jointed).

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