With the expansion of its application range, more and more people are paying close attention to tnc radio frequency connector manufacturers. Now we will further elaborate on what factors may affect the electrical performance of radio frequency connectors.

Radio Frequency Connectors

1.Cable performance

According to feedback shared by many manufacturers, the performance of the cable will directly affect the electrical performance of the RF connector. The performance of the inspection cable mainly refers to the mechanical performance, aging performance and electrical performance. For example, the daily test of the flexibility, vibration resistance, and abrasion resistance of the cable refers to the test of its mechanical performance. Only the cable performance is better. Only the RF connectors made by it can have better electrical characteristics.

2.Contact of the inner conductor

Most manufacturers also pay great attention to the contact of the inner conductor during production, because the contact performance of the inner conductor will also greatly affect the electrical performance of the RF connector. The inner conductor structure of the connector mainly includes silver-plated wire, gold-plated wire, brass, etc. If these inner conductor materials have good electrical performance, the electrical performance of the RF connector will also increase rapidly.

RF Lightning Protection Connector

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