If there are some problems in the use of the IP67 aviation connector, you should have a certain method. During the application of the IP67 aviation connector, there are often poor contact, poor insulation, and poor fixation. How to deal with the common faults?

Poor contact is most likely to occur in electronic products. The first problem after common failures in electronic products is to consider good contact. All connection part should be checked first. If you find that the connection is inseparable, you must consider other aspect. If the overall design is unreasonable, the raw materials are incorrectly selected, the abrasive tools are not messy, the production and processing specifications, the surface roughness is poor, the heat treatment process, the electroplating process, and the surface process are unreasonable, and improper installation will lead to poor contact between the contact components and the contact components. If it is generally poorly maintained and stored in a harsh natural environment, it will cause partial damage, corrosion, etc. This type of condition generally cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

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The application of IP67 aviation connector will make the surface or inside of the composite insulator have overcapacity of metal materials, the surface area will be filled with dust, flux and other air pollutants, organic compound precipitation and harmful substances absorption film and surface shrinkage water combined with positive ion conductivity safety Channel, according to moisture absorption, long mold, insulating layer material, embrittlement and other factors will cause the IP67 aviation connector to function in disorder, resulting in short circuit failure, power supply, penetration, low grounding resistance and other safety hazards, prompting existence in the application process unsafe elements. The subject must stop working and find the reason. If the insulation material does not meet the requirements, immediately disassemble and replace it with a new one; if it is caused by incorrect operation or poor maintenance, the application and safeguard measures should be upgraded; if it is caused by environmental hazards, such as: wet and cold natural environment, be sure to ensure it Measures to prevent unnecessary damage.

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