The rocker switch is also called the boat switch . The structure is the same as that of the toggle switch, except that the knob is replaced with a boat. The rocker switch is often used as a power switch for electronic equipment. Its contacts are divided into single pole single throw and double pole double throw, and some switches also have indicator lights.

The rocker switch is applied to water dispensers, treadmills, computer speakers, battery cars, motorcycles, ion TVs, coffee pots, row plugs, massage machines, etc., mainly for household appliances and the like.

Rocker switch
  • Note the following points when selecting a rocker switch:
  1. Is the certification complete? Waterproof rocker switch is fully certified, adopts environmentally friendly materials, passes ROHS regulations, and has SGS certification; has VDE/DEMKO/KEMA (now using EUENE), UL/CSA, etc. Only an Arcolectric waterproof rocker switch can do well. Complete certification.
  2. IP waterproof standard. Waterproof rocker switch sealing performance exceeds the standard. When paired with related accessories, it can achieve IP65, IP66, IP67 or even IP68 waterproof rating.
  3. Design issues, etc. Whether the waterproof rocker switch is designed reasonably, has a long service life, high-temperature resistance, and high current impact, these should be considered.

Rocker Switch With Light 
  • Note on the use of the rocker switch:

The specific application of the waterproof rocker switch is subject to many factors, such as the installation method and the installation direction of the product, the airflow, the pressure difference acting on the product, the strength of the fluid rebound and the working voltage; Even the Arcolectric waterproof rocker switch, which has excellent sealing performance, has achieved a leading level of sealing technology and means that the switch is completely sealed and also needs to prevent the ingress of corrosive gases or substances.

The rocker switch is a small high-capacity power switch suitable for home appliances and office equipment. It is used more than other switches. Elecbee offers a wide range of products from the OEM. Please contact us if you have any needs, we will provide you with professional services.


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