The M12 connector technology is based on sensors, actuators, and fieldbus wiring, and provides advantages in industrial environments. Due to the diversification of the product specifications, it has long been an integrated product with the largest production. So how much do you know with the connector related to M12? Today, Elecbee Electronics Engineers will share an article about m12 to rj45 Ethernet Cable

M12 Connector

The M12 connector turns RJ45, its effect is to provide a bulkhead M12 connector and a shielded RJ45 socket to solve the other end of the specific industrial Ethernet application. This connector is “D Code” and supports both parties 10Base-T and 100Base -TX Ethernet machines and devices, which can reach IP67 / IP68. Equipment interconnects suitable for their unique and stylish design, which can be installed with power distribution boards, easy to install and uninstall. Also, it can be connected to a non-water-saving conventional pre-ended rj45 plug.

For Ethernet networks, the sensor actuator M12 connector series is IP67 / IP68. In particular, the M12 connector turns RJ45 Master has a powerful attraction of industrial Ethernet early, and even more suitable for applications.

Application range: Combined with power cord and data cable. Features is to reduce footprint and reduce installation and cost, suitable for process automatic control and industrial applications, automation equipment, electronic equipment, electronic instruments, sensors, commercial transport, and aviation applications.

After you read the above article, you will have a deeper understanding of the M12 To RJ45 Ethernet connector. With regard to the M12 connector, if you want to know more, you can browse on our blog post, there are a lot of similar articles.

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