There are a lot of consumers confused with optical fiber connector and rf coaxial connectors, Now for this article will explain the difference between the two types connectors and their functions.

Optical fiber connector is removable (activities) connector between optical fiber , it put the fiber of two surface precision docking, so that the optical output of light energy to maximize the coupling to the receiving optical fiber, and optical link due to the intervention and to minimize the effects on the system, it is the basic requirement of optical fiber connector. To a certain extent, the optical fiber connector also affects the reliability and performance of the optical transmission system.

SFP Module Duplex LC Port DDM Module

According to different transmission media, optical fiber connectors can be divided into common single-mode and multi-mode connectors , as well as other optical fiber connectors with plastic transmission medium. According to the connection head structure, it can be divided into FC, SC, ST, LC, D4, DIN, MU, MT and so on. Then, ST connector is usually used for wiring end of the equipment , such as fiber distribution frame, fiber module, etc. SC and MT connectors are commonly used on network devices. According to the shape of fiber connector, there are FC, PC(including SPC or UPC) and APC. There are also single cores and multiple cores (such as mt-rj) divided by the number of fiber cores. Fiber optic connectors are widely used with large variety.

RF coaxial connector (hereinafter referred to as the RF connector) is usually considered as a component mounted to the cable or installed on the instrument, which is used as an electrical connection or separation element of the transmission line. It belongs to electrome chanical integration products. In a nutshell, it ACTS as a bridge.

Compared with other electronic components, RF connectors have a short history of development. The UHF connector, which appeared in 1930, was the earliest RF connector. On the second world war, because of the war, with the development of radar, radio and microwave communication, the N, C, BNC, TNC series appeared, SMA, SMB, SMC and other miniaturized products appeared after 1958, In 1964, the U.S. military standard mil-c-39012 was formulated. From then on, the RF connector began to develop in the direction of standardization, seriation, generalization.

RF Coaxial Connectors

After reading the above, you should already know the difference between an optical fiber connector and an rf coaxial connector. In simple terms, one is for optical communication systems and another is for cables or instrumentation.

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