With the development of China’s economy, the industry is also expanding. Because electronic equipment is used in many industries, industrial connectors are also one of the essential connections for electronic equipment. Therefore, the use of industrial connectors is very extensive. In fact, in addition to a lot of industrial use, industrial connectors are also very common in our lives, such as circuit connectors in refrigerators, circuit connections in notebooks, etc., which are useful for industrial connectors.

M12 Field Wireable Connector

Due to environmental problems in the industry, some complex spaces cannot be used by connectors of all shapes, so we can find that industrial connectors have many shapes such as round and long strips, and different shapes have different advantages. The sensor connector is designed for a wide range of industrial applications and offers a choice of connection cables for a variety of materials. Where is the advantage of the sensor connector?

  1. Strong acid, alkali, chemical cleaning agent / reagent performance
  2. Resistance to welding sparks, resistance to frequent twisting, bending
  3. Reduce wiring to make equipment fast
  4. Reduced downtime and maintenance time
  5. Oil resistance, coolant, lubricant and emulsion properties
  6. Suitable for the harshest environments such as petroleum, chemical, steel, electric power, automobile manufacturing, etc.
  7. Good mechanical and electrical performance guarantees stability and reliability
  8. With shielded connector has good anti-electromagnetic interference performance

M Sensor Connector

The sensor connector has good contact, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. It makes the work simpler, more convenient, safer and more stable. It also has obvious advantages in use, and it can carry out anti-interference, anti-corrosion and other properties. If you would like more information on sensor connectors, please check out our official website.


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