To select an industrial connector, you need to do the following:
1.Plug, socket which need to be fixed, which need to move
2.Determine the use environment
3.Determine the voltage and current parameters

Plug and socket

The two ends of a cable are respectively connected to the power supply and electrical equipment. At each end, a plug or receptacle for an industrial connector is provided.
When you use it, it’s the same as a wall socket in your home, or a wiring strip.
Just think about which one is moving and which one is fixed.

Classified by use environment
The description of the environment is divided by IP level as usual.

1.Fast connection type. In a places, the environment conditions are relatively relaxed and the emphasis is more on easy connectivity within the application.Easy & Safe’s Fast Connection series, rated IP44, provides protection against liquid and solid disturbances in most situations. The product itself is more focused on fast connection: through the ergonomic design in the shape of plug and socket, locking, unlocking form and other aspects, easy plug and reliable connection can be realized.

2.Heavy duty protection type. In more demanding industrial places: liquid overflow probability, high density of air dust, we need to choose heavy-duty protective products.

IEC standard classification
Due to the many applications of industrial connectors, the use of different situations, in order to facilitate selection and unified standards, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has developed a selection “clock chart”.
This clock diagram is mainly designed according to the position of the keyway relative to the ground pole.

Ground pin error proof

There are three types of pins/pins for industrial connectors:
Each pin has a clearly identified polarity. (See above on the right)
1.All connector lead-in keyways are at the 6 point position,
2.The position of the grounding pin of the connector varies with the application voltage and frequency.

According to different working voltages and frequencies, the ground pins are arranged at different angles relative to the keyway to avoid mixing in different applications and prevent electrical accidents caused by connection of different voltages or frequencies.


Industrial connector housing, a total of six colors: red, blue, yellow, green, black, white.
Different colors represent different voltages and frequencies.
For example, the green color is used for applications with a high frequency of 500Hz, and the black color is used for applications with a high voltage of 500 to 690V.
Red and blue are the most common specifications.

Rated current

Current ratings for industrial connectors are generally available in these specifications: 16A,32A,63A, and 125A
Here is a comparison diagram of sockets with different currents:

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