The insulation resistance refers to a resistance value which is applied to a portion of the insulating portion of the connector to cause a leakage current in the surface of the insulating portion or the surface. It is mainly affected by insulation materials, temperature, humidity, and fouling. The insulation resistance values provided on the connector samples are generally the index values under standard atmospheric conditions. Under certain environmental conditions, the insulation resistance values will decrease to varying degrees.

In the test of the circular connector, the applied voltage is generally 10V, 100V, 500V third gear. This article will introduce you to the circular connector parameters and the performance of all aspects.

M Sensor Connector
  1. Pressure resistance:Withstand voltage is the critical voltage between the mutually insulated parts of the contact pair or between the insulated part and the ground, which can withstand higher than the rated voltage within a specified time without causing a breakdown. It is primarily affected by contact versus spacing and creepage distance and geometry, insulator materials as well as ambient temperature and humidity, and atmospheric pressure.
  2. Flammabilityemperat:Any connector can’t be insulated from current when it’s working, which creates a fire hazard. Therefore, the connector is required not only to prevent ignition but also to be self-extinguishing in a short time upon ignition and fire. When selecting, pay attention to the choice of electrical connectors with flame-retardant and self-extinguishing insulation materials
  3. Mechanical parametersle:The contact pressure in the connector is an important indicator that directly affects the size of the contact resistance and the amount of wear on the contact pair. For round pinhole contact, the standard pin with a specified weight is usually used to verify the ability of the contact to hold the weight. Generally, the diameter of the standard pin is the lower limit of the contact diameter of -5 μm. The total separation force is generally twice the sum of the single-leg separation forces.
  4. Environmental parameterso:Environmental parameters mainly include ambient temperature, humidity, temperature change, atmospheric pressure, and corrosive environment. The environment in which the quick connector is used during storage and transportation has a significant impact on its performance, so the corresponding connector must be selected according to the actual environmental conditions.
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Knowing the parameters of the circular connector will help you better choose the right connector. The next article will continue to introduce the contents of the circular connector, so stay tuned.


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