Using the connector as a signal transmission and conversion tool, the signal stability will make the picture and sound better, and the larger the capacity of the RF connector, the faster the signal conversion ability, making the signal transmission faster. What are the advantages of RF connectors?

F Type Coaxial Connectors

1. Strong vibration resistance

The RF connector is directly connected to the cable and the conversion device. It needs to be fixed between the two and there can be no gap. If the connector falls off or the connection is not tight, there may be signal interruption and signal loss. Therefore, the RF connector must have a certain The shock resistance ensures the stability of the connection position, and the connection port will not move when encountering a collision or vibration, ensuring that the connection port is always stable in place.

2. High reliability

There must be no mistakes in serious programs like news. Loss of signal during transmission will change the content of the news, which will mislead the audience and belong to a broadcasting accident. Nowadays TV programs generally do not have signal transmission loss, and live broadcasts rarely appear stuck. If the signal is interrupted, this is the use of a reliable RF connector to maintain a stable signal.

3. Excellent mechanical and electrical performance

The connection ports of the radio frequency connector are polished smoothly to ensure a tight fit between the connection ports, and the tight connection ensures that the connection is firm and easy to unplug. There is a small buckle on the instrument that can be opened to easily remove the connector. No time wasted when replacing connectors. Moreover, the mechanism of the entire radio frequency connector is relatively light and beautiful, and its excellent mechanical properties can adapt to various information transmission occasions.

Radio Frequency Connectors

According to different fields of RF connectors, our company will make some adjustments to the performance of the products. Customers should choose a more suitable price and function according to their actual needs. When installing, the RF connector interface should be in place and try to choose a buckle. The connector improves the shock resistance of the product, and the type of radio frequency connector used for different occasions should be different.

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