If we want to measure accurate data, we usually use precision instruments (RF connectors), and then use RF adapters and RF cables. These cooperate with the instrument so that we can wait for accurate test data. But how should we correctly link the radio frequency?

BNC Coaxial Connectors

1. Correctly choose the RF connector

First, choose relatively good-quality RF adapters and RF cables. When using two original RF adapters, 89.9% of the signals can pass normally at 18GHz operating frequency. Without the use of adapters, 91.9% of the signals can pass normally. The amount of signal transmitted is similar to the case of using two original adapters. But after we replaced one of the adapters with non-original inferior adapters, only 38.1% of the signals can pass normally at the operating frequency of 18GHz, which has seriously affected the test. In addition, the physical size of the bad adapter is not up to the standard, and after a long time of use, it will cause wear and tear on the RF interface of the instrument.

2. Operate with both hands to tighten the correct thread

When connecting the microwave connector, you need to first connect the connector and the radio frequency interface horizontally, and then use both hands to operate. Fix the connector at the designated position with one hand, and use the torque wrench with the other hand to connect at the designated position.

Do not operate with one hand because it is not easy to connect the connector with the RF port horizontally. If the connectors are tightened at a certain angle, a mechanical stress will be generated, causing physical damage to the connectors.

Radio Frequency Connectors

3. Use torque wrench

We need to use a torque wrench when connecting the adapter and the cable. Using a torque wrench can not only ensure sufficient connection, but also avoid physical damage to the device caused by excessive force. In use, you also need to pay special attention to the rotation angle of the torque wrench not to be too large, and the position of the hand to be held not too far forward. Connectors of different specifications require different torque wrenches.

After the above three points are done, damage to the RF connector can be avoided, thus ensuring the normal conduct of the instrument test and the accuracy of the test.

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