The basic function of the electrical connector is to make electrical contact and complete the connection of electrical signals. It is not an easy task for the user to select an electrical connector that meets a series of requirements from a large variety of connectors. Users can choose a satisfactory electrical connector by understanding the connector and starting from the performance requirements.

  • Electrical parameter requirements.When selecting an electrical connector, first consider the voltage and current requirements. The second electrical parameters to consider are:
  1. Contact resistance. For low impedance circuits, when the connector is connected in series, the contact resistance is a key parameter.
  2. Maximum current. Restricted by the electrical connector and its terminated pilot number.
  3. The maximum voltage depends on the gap between the circuits (ie contact spacing and creepage distance) and the insulation used in the connector.
  • Mechanical parameter requirements.In addition to considering the space and size limits occupied by the connector when selecting connectors, the following parameters must be considered:
  1. Vibration and shock. The rubber ring and the elastic insulating mounting plate between the insulation installation and the outer casing have vibration damping or buffering effect.
  2. Locking method. To prevent the vibration from causing the connector to separate, a safe and reliable locking method must be used. The bayonet locking method not only has good anti-vibration performance but also has a fast connection.
  3.  Positioning is healthy. To prevent MIS insertion of similar connectors, several positioning structures can be selected at the same time.
  4. Installation method. Indicates whether the front or rear installation.
Traction motor connectors
  • Environmental parameter requirements.he environment in which the connector is used during use and transportation has a significant impact on its performance, so the appropriate connector is selected according to the expected environmental conditions.
  1. Moisture or water – For connectors external to the equipment, environmental conditions such as moisture, water seepage and contamination are often considered. In this case, a connector with good sealing should be used.
  2. Corrosive environment According to different corrosive environments, connectors made of corresponding metal, plastic and plating structures are selected.
Military series connectors

Electrical connectors are versatile and come in a wide variety of applications. In the previous article, the Y50 series we talked about is also an electrical connector. In addition, there are many different types of connectors on Elecbee. If you are interested, you can click on the official website for consultation.


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